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Goomzee Mobile MLS App Supports VOW Rules

Missoula, MT — October 15, 2014 — Multiple listing services (MLSs) and brokers can breathe easy soon knowing that the various rules and regulations they must adhere to are solved automatically thanks to Goomzee and their Mobile MLS solution.  MLSs are challenged constantly with local rules and regulations, state and Board rules, and even national laws like supporting virtual office website (VOW).  Working with existing MLS clients, and other MLS visionaries, Goomzee announced today that they are piloting a VOW-friendly configuration of their popular Mobile MLS App solution in select markets.

Share App with VOW compliance“We were approached last year by Intermountain MLS CEO, Greg Manship, suggesting we enhance our mobile apps to allow agents to invite their contacts to use the optional public version,” explains Mike Sparr, Goomzee’s founder and CEO. “We already supported public, agent-only, and manual invite options but sought out the best way to simplify and automate the process.”

Goomzee’s Mobile MLS apps work with any MLS system such as Black Knight’s Paragon, or systems from FBS, CoreLogic, Rapattoni, Solid Earth, SEI.  It integrates with the industry’s popular security, CMA, transaction, showing, and tax/public record providers. Many of these features are only available for authenticated agent users, however, but the apps also supported an optional public and even anonymous configuration if the MLS desires and their brokerage community supports.

“As we completed the functionality we were approached by a potential MLS client in Michigan who asked if we could support separate VOW rules for invited users, and broker opt-out rules for public users, and full access for agent users. It was a great idea so we accepted the challenge and opportunity to solve yet another industry problem,” adds Sparr.

Now agents will be able to directly invite their contacts from within the app, and when contacts use the app the branding, leads and questions are directed back to their agent. Not resting on this functionality alone, Goomzee also supports the configurable VOW-friendly access to listings for invited users to solve yet another recognized industry issue.

“Our customers are delighted with how responsive Goomzee has been to suggestions, the ease and speed of their apps, and their cooperation with our other technology partners,” says Greg Manship, Intermountain MLS CEO. “I’m excited to be able to share this functionality with our users soon.”

The VOW-friendly and new invite functionality will be available first on IOS devices in a few select markets, but will soon be available in all existing customer markets and optionally in new customer markets.

About Goomzee
Goomzee celebrated its 11th year in business in 2014.  The company began as an e-commerce application service provider, powering and hosting small business’ e-commerce websites,  but shifted to real estate technology just as the industry fell into turmoil to solve recognized gaps in mobile technology.  The company has been serving the real estate industry since 2007, and multiple listing services since 2008.  Its initial real estate product called Goomzee Connect allows agents to capture leads at the property via text message codes on sign riders and a lead capture system.  After working closely with MLSs and providing its service as a member benefit in nearly 30 MLS markets, representing over 296,000 agents, MLSs approached Goomzee to co-design a mobile solution that would best serve the needs of their members.  Their current solution represents a culmination of their first-generation web solution, and two years of research and development to offer a platform that rivals the large portals.  For more information, request a quote, or to schedule a personal demo, please contact Goomzee via

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