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Creating mobile listings

We call mobile listings “campaigns” because the codes are reusable so you promote one listing, then another, reusing the same code.  We store history of all past “campaigns” and respective leads for you, so you simply expire and old campaign and assign listing information to the new one and next time someone texts or scans, the new listing data is sent to their phone.

Once you log into the Goomzee Administration Site, a setup wizard will guide you through initial steps setting up your signature, alerts, and Auto Responder.  You can then “publish from listings” or “create campaigns manually” (if listings not in MLS).  The only differences from publishing from “My Listings” is the data is not pre-populated in the campaign form, and pricing will not auto update from the MLS when it changes.

Publish From Listings (My Listings)

  1. Click either Publish From Listings (wizard) or “My Listings” to begin.
  2. You should see a list of your active listings within the MLS and can simply click “Publish” button next to the listing you want to promote.
    Click publish next to listing to promote from your My Listings screen
  3. The campaign form will appear, pre-populated with MLS data, and you simply select the property code (a.k.a. Gcode) you wish to assign to this listing and click “Create”.
    Select the Gcode and click Create to link your listing code to a listing
  4. The page will refresh and the QR Code and Photos are automatically assigned to the listing.
    QR Codes and Photos are automatically linked to your listing
  5. Promote your listing with sign riders, flyers, online or however you choose. You know your customers and market best so tailor your promotions to best suit the local market. If you need any tips, don’t hesitate to email and our team would be glad to offer suggestions.
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